Oh God it’s another campaign!

This one is designed for Chrissy and Gary, and several guest PCs. Set in the Forgotten Realms world, PCs will begin at level 3 and onwards.

Character Creation:
Characters will begin in the town of Loudwater situated in the Gray Vale. Read up on the backgrounds within the links, and have a look at which (if any) god/dess you choose to worship above all others here. Try to come up with a reasonable excuse for being in the area, some examples are given at the bottom of the Gray Vale entry. Don’t forget to include the Gray Vale background bonus! Starting equipment is decided as follows:
Choose whatever standard adventuring gear you want from the tables in the Player’s Handbook. For magic items, choose one item of level 4, one item of level 3, and one item of level 2. In addition, you have 520 gold pieces. You can spend this money on rituals, potions, or other magic items, or save it for later.

Guest PCs:
People who are not Chrissy and Gary (and there may be several of you), you need to also come up with a plausible backstory or character development that could excuse you from game sessions. Examples could be having a family or job back in Loudwater or further afield, or possibly having an ulterior motive or maybe you plan on having your character killed off at some crucial point (see me about that one first). Accept that you are guest characters, at least initially.

Seven Stars

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